We provide unique end-to-end research, design strategy, concept design, production management, Kickstarter campaign support and product launch support. We are proud to have been involved in some remarkable and unique products such as: ENTR by Mul-T-Lock, ORBITER by Aeronautics and  Ripples  by SteamCC.




We use humor to unleash conservative thinking; We make detours to discover a new path; We learn by observing carefully tiny odd behaviors; We learn from our own experience and other activities; We use our professional experience to make dreams come true; We are innovative because we don’t take things for granted; We have charisma for things we love, and we love what we do.

Who we are

The studio was funded by Danny Lavie, a design creative director, an artist, musician, a coffee lover, a model airplane pilot, a surfer, and a tutor. Danny brings his passion to the creation of new ideas and skills to develop and design future next experiences. The studio is an incubator for ideas and has a proven track record in project execution.

Studio process and services

We offer a variety of services that are customizable to the specific needs and preferences of each of our client. With international experience, we design complex projects and work with some of the most innovative companies in the world, including global brands, growth companies, and as well ambitious startups. We seek for new adventures.

Our entrepreneurship experience and everlasting patience enable us to lead and support startups on their journeys to success.

We use a holistic approach for every project. We tie branding to strategy, to innovation and technology and to marketing. Our approach is interdisciplinary. In our perception, projects evolve from a palate of senses and ideas, which are all mixed together: art and technology, music and food, nano and blood cells. In our world, almost everything is possible.

and we love what we do.

Key milestones

We call our process up-to-date/ informed/ creativity.
We study, observe and research to maximize our creative process.

There are six key elements in our design process:

  • Research.
  • Observation.
  • Strategy-Led.
  • Co-creation with client.
  • Rapid Iteration infused with love of creation.
  • Supervision of results.