“Solar Canvas” 

Solar field as a recreation touristic experience.
Branding the first commercial solar field in the Arava valley.


Solar filed as a recreation touristic experience

The visitor center is located on the edge of the Ketura cliff in the middle of the Arava valley, just above the Solar Field.

The visitor center includes a library a meditation place and an educational observatory dedicated for renewable energy, solar energy and the  preservation of nature.


“Solar Canvas”

The solar field is used to create large Geoglyphs-drawings on the land. The concept is to use the solar field as an art platform, by ddra an image or text on the solar field so that it could be seen from a cliff, a plane and even a satellite. At night, the text and drawings can be seen on the solar panels by using LED technology.


The solar field at night

At night, the 5.5KW field could be used as a messaging platform, through an app.

For far as Google eye can see

We conceptualized using the vast solar panel field as a big scale educational, touristic and messaging platform. 


This project was made possible thanks to the  unique character of Yosef Abramowitz who led Arava Power Company Ltd towards its success. Our studio was involved with Logo design, 3D renderings, designings signs, sun dials and  sketch books and  T- shirts, as well as with the whole conceptualization project of the “Solar Canvas” as a platform for messaging and educational tourism.