Surgical digital microscope with head mounted display   

While working in Surgivision as design director, was important to apply OR surgeons habits and usage of optical and non optical tools in our new 3D digital microscope. The development team focused on implementing intuitive user experiences, and haptic interactions despite this new tool being totally innovative and new to the OR surrounding. 


The digital operating room – Year 2000

During the beginning of the millennium augmented reality was a new buzz word.






Head mounted device

This is the one of three elements of the digital microscope



Design concept 

This HMD was designed to achieve lightness, simplicity, and precise optical tool standards.     

The HMD has an inner pupil distance manual mechanism and an individual diopter adjustment for personalize use. Flexible Neoprene Velcro is used to adjust device on head.






Design process – Light weight device

We used Carbon fiber Chassis, Magnesium Alloy parts, OLED screens and flex Velcro, all in one element.

But just 185 gr total.


























Vision of 6 degree navigated robot arm

6 degree balanced digital microscope






























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