We worked with Mul-T-Lock to develop a unique locking product.


When we took this project we begun playing with the idea that usernames, passwords, and metal keys are close to our body. they are kept in our pockets, or in our smartphones. As private human beings, we seek privacy and security, because we want to keep our family, our private belongings and our work safe.  Mul-T-Lock came up with a solution of a reliable secure locking system. Finally we came up with a simple poetic Key-Hole shape to make modern technology sensitive to the aesthetics of simple mechanics.


We designed the  ENTR  system which consists of an electro-mechanical door lock, a code finger print device, a remote control and a charger. The system also works with an APP which enables system to be used by those who are allowed in. We conceptualized, sketched, designed, offered full graphic support to UX, working with Yair Levi, head of product department at Mul-T-Lock was very tactful to the design process, making this product live.

Thoughts, concepts   


The design process lead to verity of configurations that lead finally to the chosen concept.              




The finger and keypad out of home unit      

It consists of a touch-defined sensor and a keypad for key-less access.

We had to use a clear hood like shape to ensure direct vision with the fingers and to avoid dark and unsafe interactions. We designed the external finger/numerical coding sensor and the lock (inside) and made sure that they look and feel as part of the same system, while they function well in the two places they live.
















The lock      

All in one Smart Lock designed in the shape of a key hole. The design combines both analog and digital options to ensure haptic experience

The system      



The remote control      

Beautiful shape exercise.