The ripple maker


In the beginning


Ripples was founded by 2 designers who had a vision to connect culture and technology. 


The start! – Sending text message to a cup of coffee?

Danny and Eyal dreamt back in 2005 to print messages on cappuccinos and to make drinking coffee a different experience, an experience that combines, taste, thought, smile and culture.





















We thought that reading on coffee or writing on coffee would make a spark, a kick! It would add to these unforgettable moments.










Our first print from coffee extract

“In order to be realist, you must believe  in  miracles” – David Ben Gurion


We thought that with this idea we could create an awesome experience. We wrote few patents and brought along Yossi as a partner  and respectable investors such Beni Landa to share our dream.



Our 3rd working prototype.


Our 4th working prototype  

Beautiful stripes Italian classic design prototype including “Y” axis. ( No moving cup! )


And finally our Mobile App and coffee extract

We use coffee to connect people. We use the Internet ( IOT )  to enable people communicate. We do it with technology on milk froth, and today on other canvases like beer top.


The Ripple maker  






Today we are known all over the world, we became the hottest app on line




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